Using a LEGO Cheat Code in Superstar Wars: The Complete Saga

With eight films, numerous side tasks and collectibles, and many of different challenges in play, aiming to do all sorts of things in SEGLAR Star Battles: The Complete Favola can be a long and sometimes monotonous affair. Therefore TT Video games, the designer in the series, possesses always included the option to unlock be unfaithful codes that grant instant access to character types, vehicles, and abilities.

The process of using a seglar cheat code is simple enough; just stop the game and open the Holoprojector to expose an 'Enter Code' press button, which you can simply click. Simply enter in one of the computer codes from underneath and, provided you've accessed it in the correct way, you should be rewarded with a notification confirming that item or feature has been revealed. You should also start to see the item or character are available in the character grid and can then choose it once entering No cost Play.

Much like previous TT Games labels, you can only use the cheats here once, which in turn this link means they won't always be active when you restart the game. You can also purchase extra tricks in the 'Extras' menu with respect to studs, although these are going to expire once you have used them once or twice.

To make use of a lego hack code, simply pause the overall game and head to the 'Enter Code' menu (you can access this via the Holoprojector in Mos Eisley Cantina or by opening the 'Extras' tab). Then simply just go into one of the unique codes from beneath and await your reward.

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